Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Different Types Of Diesel Safado Jeans

There are several different types of Diesel Safado jeans which are made with different color washes, and varying intensities of fading and distress.

The Diesel Safado 8YE has a slim and straight fit through the leg and a low rise on the waist. The color of the Diesel Safado 8YE jean is a medium blue with an intense fade which starts at the ankle and continues through to the waist of the jean.

The Diesel Safado 8UP jean fits in the same way as the Diesel Safado 8YE, but the color of the jean is a black wash and is more distressed. The fading of this jean runs from the knee through the thigh, and has distressed abrasion at the knees of the jean.

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Another variation of Diesel Safado jeans is the Diesel Safado 8YD jean which has a straight leg low rise fit in a medium blue color, but the distressed fading is entirely around the knee area.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Diesel Safado Jeans

The Diesel Safado jeans usually have a distressed look, but are designed so flawlessly that they cause no distress to the wearer.

Diesel has been making excellent quality and stylish jeans since 1978. This Italian jeans company makes limited edition styles of jeans for both men and women. Though this brand is based out of Molvena, in Northern Italy, the popularity of the jeans has lead to the spread of Diesel store locations opening across the world.

Diesel jeans stores can be found in Europe, America, and Asia with the largest store location in Milan, Italy.

Diesel jean designs are always on the cutting edge of fashion, and one of these are the Diesel Safado jeans.

The truly amazing aspect about Diesel jeans is that the fit is always extremely comfortable and figure flattering, and as they are worn more and broken in, they do not lose their shape.

The jeans are distressed in just the right way so that they look nice on the body when they are new, and as they are worn more, the breaking in of the jean highlights and emphasizes the original distressed look.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


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